Finally I have completed a fresh series of mixed media paintings. My Fight or Flight series that compromises of flying native manu, with a super feisty attitude. Painted on raw linen canvas, upon a Indian ink gesture, the manu / birds rendered carefully with many layers of acrylic glazes and details

E Rere te Korimako by ellaquaint

E Rere te Korimako. He was a bit of a battler but I am so stoked with how he turned out in the end. For a while there the saturated yellow ground revealed itself through all of the layers with a bit too much enthusiasm. Many layers later, I got the green hues to a depth that I am happy with. 


E Rere te Tui by ellaquaint

E Rere te Tui is another in my series of Fight or Flight. I loved the stylization that occurred while painting this native manu. Especially the shape of her wings. She looks more relaxed than her cohort but still has some serious thunderbird vibes.

E Rere te Piwakawaka

E Rere te Piwakawaka is a staunch little dude who has charmed his way into a new home already. I love how the background ink brushmarks work compositionally with the piwakawaka himself.

Ngirungiru / South Island Tomtit by ellaquaint

Ngirungiru / South Is Tomtit. I had a delightful encounter with one while hiking the Rob Roy Glacier trail recently. What I love about this work is that he looks like he shouldn't be able to fly, similar to that of a bumble bee. 

The techniques used to render the manu / birds is reminiscent of the work I created under the pseudonym Ella Thomas. Working under that moniker was a way forward for me to paint while fighting some pretty bad social anxiety that I was dealing with at the time. The name ellaquaint evolved from that too.

My use of Te Reo isn't quite imparting the nuance that I would like. E Rere te Korimako literally translates to 'The Korimako is Flying' The more I learn the more I realize I have to learn with regards to Maori Language. That is a good thing. Once I am more settled I hope to make another solid attempt to learn Te Reo, I just so wished I had a better brain for languages. 

If you are in the Wanaka / Queenstown area come along to the Wanaka Arts Exhibition. There are a plethora of amazing artists who are represented and some stunning pieces. An exhibition such as this is a wonderful way to celebrate local talent 
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