Today the unthinkable happened. I was unable to make it to our Women's March held here in Auckland today but I wanted to demonstrate my solidarity for all folk who are going to be affected by the inauguration of President Trump. 

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Colouring is said to be excellent for mindfulness, a technique that helps easy worry or anxiety. I have to admit that drawing colouring pages has a calming effect on me. An insightful thought by Matt Haig . . . 'to be calm becomes a revolutionary act.'

Pink Pussy Cat Hat by ellaquaint 2017


Please enjoy this token of my passive resistance. When times like this happen it is important that we stand together and let the powers that be know that we are watching and we are judging. Kia kaha (stand strong) you fabulous folk in the U.S who are making a stand against that ridiculous man and all that he represents. 

The hat pattern that inspired the had that this wee kitty is wearing is sourced from the wonderful Ravelry and is by Destiny Meyer

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