about ellaquaint

Hi there,
I'm ellaquaint (not always) and welcome to my website. My real name is Lizzie Thomas and I reside South of the Equator in a little island nation called New Zealand, or Aotearoa as it is known to locals. Here we have the most magnificent wild beaches, primordial forests and an array of kooky birds quite unlike anywhere else.

Painting birds and animals is my happy place. I love trying to capture something of their personality or 'wairua' / essence, within my illustrations. Some of my series are inspired by my local environment and the little adventures I have out and about. Other series are motivated by watching Sir David Attenborough's epic nature documentaries. Sometimes my animals are realistic in their rendering. Other times I attempt to exaggerate their survival features or bring in other props to allude to the key concepts that I explore in my work.

In a previous life I was a teacher of Art and Design; my degree is in Sculpture but my favourite medium is paint, go figure. I still occasionally step back inside the classroom and enjoy razzing up the students.

The aesthetic that I choose to work within is simplistic, that way you the viewer can bring to them your own associations or ideas. Using environmentally friendly packaging is important to me so you will find that your treasures come in cellophane, not plastic, so you can put it in the compost heap. The jiffy packs are recyclable and sustainably produced. 

I have been selling my illustrations online for a couple of years now, on Felt and Etsy; as well as various markets around the Auckland region, but I felt it was finally time to join the big kids and get my own website. 

Thanks for checking my site out, I hope you enjoy it :)