Te Rerenga o te Tauhou 2022 by ellaquaint

  • Te Rerenga o te Tauhou 2022 by ellaquaint


305mm x 405mm x 35mm
Indian ink, gesso, Schmincke Aero Colour and Golden Acrylics on linen canvas

Te Reregna o te Tauhou is part of my Fight or Flight series. The recent works that I painted all feature manu / birds that are celebrating the joy of flight. In this painting a purposeful tauhou flies as if on a mission. The motion of the indian ink gesture implies the tauhou's flight path. Tauhou translates to meaning stranger / new arrival. These little manu / birds self-emigrated from Australia.

During the painting process their personalities evolve, taking on a wairua of their own. 
Lots of layers of paint have been carefully layered up to create a richness to the colours and subtle details, that are difficult to capture in a photo.

The title of this literally translates to The Flight of the Silvereye / New Arrival
Free tracked shipping within NZ. He will be carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and within corrugated cardboard to protect him.

For overseas postage, please message me so as I can inquire about feasibility and provide a quote x

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