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Summer Bears

Posted January 15, 2014 by Lizzie Thomas
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As you might be aware, I often infuse my work with some underlying concept, based upon a love and concern for the environment and the beasties that dwell on our planet. My recently released 'Summer Bears' series was no different. Habitat loss and increasing temperatures threaten many species around the... [Details]

Snow Beasts

Posted July 01, 2013 by Lizzie Thomas
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There is something rather amazing about animals that have evolved to survive

some of the most extreme conditions on the planet. The Arctic and other similar

environments have influenced the evolution of such creatures as polar bears,

arctic wolves and snow leopards. Like many folk who are aware of the increasing

issues associated with global warming, how these stunning creatures will continue

to survive in altered climates is a something that is of concern to me.



Sir David Attenborough is one of my biggest heroes and I have so loved

watching the programme Frozen Planet that was screened earlier on in the

year. Like many of his documentaries, it has been the source of inspiration

for my latest series; 'Snow Beasts.



This series was attempting to explore notions around how animals who

are dependant on arctic conditions could potentially survived in an environment

where the temperature has increases. Already places are having issues with

wild animals hunting / foraging closer to inhabited areas, due to habitat loss.

Animals who are domesticated face a greater chance of survival.




Peruvian llamas as pictured here are marked with coloured tassels

on their ears to note their bloodlines and ownership. This inspired me

to experiment with similar adornments on wild animals who live in

cooler climes.




This was my initial idea, but while painting them, I started thinking that conceptually

it was a great idea, actually having these amazing wild beasts with their ears pierced

like cattle made me cringe. Also there was that 80's association . . .




So in the end I edited out the ear tassels and I am very pleased with the results.

It still alludes the ideas that I was exploring without being lost to 80's pop music




The limited edition giclee prints of these, both in A3 and A4 format will be

available for purchase at the Auckland Art and Craft Fair. It is this Saturday

the 29th of June at the Edge in the Aotea Centre. If you were unable to get

there you can purchase them off here too:)